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this hour, all the families can do is wait. rescue crews pulled out of a mine in west virginia after an explosion killed at least 25 people. the officials in charge say conditions in the mine are too dangerous. methane levels are too high, to high a spark could set off another explosion to crews plan to drill holes to vent the gas. west virginia's governor reports the first of the holes may not be finished until tomorrow. 18 people are underground, 14 confirmed dead. we won't know what happened to the others until the crews get in. people in charge of the situation said the outlook is grim. the governor chose his words carefully today as he talked about the chances of finding survivors. listen. >> as horrific as the explosion was and i explained to them that i don't want to give anybody false hope, but by golly, if i'm on that side of the table and that's my father and brother or my uncle or cousin, i've going to have hope. it's a very difficult situation. >> most difficult we're sure for families of the miners, part of a tightknit community in the upper big branch mine, a rural area
from the upper big branch mine in west virginia but slim are the odds of finding survivors and rescue crews are not stopping their work. at least 25 people are confirmed ted in the explosion monday. four more reported missing. these are some of the people who supply the power we use every day. half of all electricity in the united states comes from coal. today we got updates from the people in charge of finding the missing men. crews finished drilling one ventilation hole in the mine and they're working on two more. the officials also say they've been banging on a drill pipe hoping to get a response from the mile-an-hour -- from the miners but they've heard nothing. as for a timeline of when to get in, it depends on how long it takes to remove the dangerous methane gas that may have caused the explosion. >> until we get readings and know where we are and what type of air we have, it will determine how quick and what timetable we're on and you'll have a better idea of when they believe the air is safe enough to send the rescue teams n they're prepared. they're charged and ready to go.
michigan coming up. >>> box two, breaking news from west virginia. what they're trying to figure out did remaining miners make it to a safe room. box number 3. he tried to sneak a smoke on a plane then joked about setting his shoes on fire. by the way, he was headed to visit a convicted al qaeda terrorist. some lawmakers want that diplomat to pay for the cost of the security scare. pj crowley joins us on a very busy day on "studio b" unless breaking news changes everything. he's been a supreme court justice since 1975. the oldest, longest serving member justice stevens is retiring. another high stakes political battle to fill his seat. stevens is the leader of the liberal bloc and president obama is certain to dominate another liberal to take his place. when he was put in, the word from ford was he wanted somebody with the best judicial mind and came up with stevens. now president obama wants someone very similar. the president is considering ten people at potential nominees. >> i view the process of selecting a supreme court nominee among my most serious responsibilities at president. w
soon. i'm megyn kelly, shepard smith takes over. >> the news begins anew, crews in west virginia getting within a thousand feet of the rescue chamber before they had to evacuate again. how long before they make another attempt? box 2. an alarming case unfolding in east texas. people there finding more than 2 dozen suspicious devices in a few weeks. at least one a pipe bomb. cops make an arrest. wait until you hear about the suspect and the reason the case is not closed. box 3, the brother of the figure skater nancy kerrigan facing more serious charges in the death of their father, ahead on "studio b," unless breaking news changes everything. >>> first, a midair security scare, a potential diplomatic rumble and delayed travelers because one guy couldn't wait to fire up a smoke. mohammed al madadi, a low level staffer it he qatar embassy. that's an important part, that he's a diplomat for the qatar embassy. al madadi was on a flight from d.c. to denver yesterday when investigators say he lit a cigarette in one of the bathrooms, for the past 30 years, you're not supposed to do that.
from associated press out of charleston, west virginia, where the governor of the state is asking a former top federal mine safety official to conduct an independent investigation of the explosion that killed the 29 west virginia miners. gorman -- >> governor manchin says one man will serve as the advisory. he headed the u.s. mine safety and health administration during the clinton administration. this probe will be independent of several investigations done by state and federal officials. in other words they're trying to get to the bottom of what happened and who may be to blame in the deadly mine explosion in west virginia. >>> now a bloody beating caught on video. police officers rushing a college student is he university of maryland and now, those cops are in some hot water. we'll show you how it all went down on tape. that's coming up. [ crowd cheering ] [ male announcer ] competition... it pushes us to work harder. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools,
on june 25th. he's facing life without parole. >>> officials in west virginia hold be an emergency meeting on last week's tragic mine explosion. a panel plaque -- plan to go investigate what happened leading to the blast that killed 29 men. >> continuing coverage of our top story. the summit on nuclear security. a top authority on iran's nuclear program will join us [ m live when "studio b" continues in 90 seconds. to be better. to win. but sometimes even rivals realize they share a common goal. america's beverage companies have removed full-calorie soft drinks from schools, reducing beverage calories by 88%. togethewith schools, we're hping kids makeore balanced chces every day. ♪ poland is in mourning after a plane crash killed their president and top leaders. officials recovered the bodies of the president and his wife. most of the remains have yet to be identified. poland scrambles to fill key government of officials. tens of thousands are gathering to pay respects. the ill-fated plane left warsaw saturday before crashing into western russia near the city of snow lens, the pilot trie
virginia. both my teams on the other side are out. i have to root for butler. west virginia and butler and what the heck, butler wins the national championship. how great would that be. >> shepard: it wouldn't because i want bob huggens to win. go mountaineers. >> we're all the way to the championship game. >> i like huggie. i went down there for a game. man they have good fans, great support and they're fired up. >> butler is impressive. i have to say and i know this is the end of our relationship. i like duke and coach k. i have always like that program. they seem to be good and graduate a lot of players. what's to hate about duke? >> shepard: look, you hate them because they win so much. it's like the university of kentucky -- >> you like the yankees. >> it's fun to get on the train and watch them. they're playing at red sox nation on sunday at fenway park. >> they're going to be 0-1 on sunday. >> i feel so sad for you. how are your nationals this year? >> my nationals? we're going to be better. >> shepard: are they being to play baseball this time? >> we're going to have the best y
.s. the two ships involved, the port of their home base is norfolk, virginia, which is why the cases are in federal court in virginia. >> katherine, thank you. >>> now the crippling financial crisis in greece. a debt disaster, which is set off a ripple effect in markets around the globe. today president obama says the situation is of great concern. greece is asking the european union for a major bailout because leaders say it cannot meet a may 19 deadline to repay its debt. the credit agency standard & poor's downgraded greek bonds to junk status, the bonds which people purchased in great numbers are high risk of default. now there's concern the problem could pretty to portugal, spain and ireland. lehman brothers and bear stearns? remember? with us the host of news hub web show simon constable. the "wall street journal" owned by the parent company of this network. >> good to see you. >> sounds like they were covering their debt. >> cooking the books is what we call it. trying to hide how indebted they were and they were too indebt to be part of the euro zone and this could -- the pro
coll mine disaster in 40 years. 21 men died in an explosion in a west virginia mine owned by massey energy. >>> federal investigators claim it played a big role in the near collapse of the economy. today just two days after senators grilled executives from goldman sachs, word the company may be looking to settle. goldman sachs is facing charges it willfully defrauded investors of billions of dollars. goldman denies those allegations. the firm's spotless reputation has been tarnished according to experts. in a new report by the "new york post," goldman may try to save face by reaching a settlement with the securities and exchange commission. if that happens, it could take a long time. with us to break it down, fox news senior judicial analyst judge napolitano. >> this is an unusual case because the plaintiff, the party suing, is the securities and exchange commission, not the people who say they lost money. if this were a typical case, the people who lost money would demonstrate how much they lost and why they think they lost it. the demonstration would be between lawyers in private
't give you wide open shots. duke had a great shooting game against west virginia. if butler keeps the big guys off the offensive boards they've got a chance. they have a chance, i swear it. >> shepard: the last butler win was quite impressive. i just didn't expect them to be able to -- you talk about a tradition rich program, tom i see -- izzo. >> he said it best, he said butler played smash mouth basketball. he said i'm a butler fine. >> much the way the flyers played in madison square gardens i just read that just a moment ago, they offered coach k 15 million-dollar to come coach for the nets. he turned it down? >> well, money doesn't buy happiness. i would want a garn tela wrong james was coming. coach k has a good thing going in durham. >> you can say that. we'll be back tonight for the "fox report." after the commercial, mr. neil. gecko: uh, you wanted to see me sir? boss: come on in, i had some other things you can tell people about geico - great claims service and a 97% customer satisfaction rate. show people really trust us. gecko: yeah right, that makes sense. boss: trust is key
coal mine disaster in west virginia. we're told a trust fund that invests in the parent company wants top executives held accountable for the incident. an explosion killed 29 miners and the owner has a history of violations. last week president obama urged congress to crack down on the mining industry and tighten laws he says were riddled with loopholes. >>> in chinas a strange twist in the rescue of a 115 miners. a miracle they called it. reporters and bloggers in the tightly controlled nation are questioning whether the rescue was a rescue at all. there are a number of reasons why is a few weeks ago and underground incident trapped 153 miners in the central part of china right there. we were told it was most likely that all of them were dead. then after eight days, suddenly 115 miners were said to have emerged. but the pictures from the rescue raised suspicion locally. for instance, chinese reporters observed the miners appeared to be clean shaven. after eight days? none of the close were torn, faces were dirty but their arms were clean. all of them. and we were not allowed to see a
and virginia, more states than most americans, may lose his citizenship because he aligned himself with al qaeda. what we're seeing is in the last few months there's a real focus on the american clerk, in particular after the christmas day -- the attempted christmas day bombing. the capture and kill order and a move on capitol hill to strip him of his american citizenship, which is the very thing that makes him popular among followers. >> anwar al awlaki. >> yes. >> that's the first time. >> katherine, thank you. >> more than that. >> i messed it up a million times. >>> quickly, tornado warning. denver just issued it, north central douglas county. if you're in the denver area, bad weather is on the way. >>> ten seconds it all the time you get to beat down your opponent in a brutally fight club. it's apparently happening in schools across this nation. here's how it works. kids fight using fists and feet while students watch and sometimes video it. the videos from fights at a middle school in michigan. school leader say in troy say at least three students have been suspended after one kid en
Search Results 0 to 11 of about 12